RakFond/RUSSCO: Promotion of Clinical Trials in Oncology

Clinical trials are the main instrument to acquire knowledge about the efficiency and safety of new types of treatment, prevention, and diagnostics of diseases for their introduction into the medical practice. How fast is the progress in clinical trials in oncology in Russia and worldwide? Who conducts those trials and how easy is it to launch an own trial? What are the barriers and how can one support research in oncology nowadays? These and many other topics will be discussed on November 13th during a joint RakFond and the Russian Society for Clinical Oncology (RUSSCO) session, which will be held during the XXII RUSSIAN ONCOLOGICAL CONGRESS and devoted to the promotion of clinical trials in oncology.


14:20-14:30 – Introduction

Clinical Trials in Oncology Practice:

14:30-14:42 – Motivation and significance of clinical trials for an oncologist’s successful clinical practice
Dr. Timur Mitin, OHSU, USA
14:42-14:50 – Discussion

Best Practices in Organisation and Support of Clinical Trials:

14:50-15:02 – International cooperative research projects: how to coordinate and manage
Prof. Alexander Eggermont, Institut Gustave Roussy, France
15:02-15:10 – Discussion

15:10-15:22 – Investigator-initiated clinical trials: opportunities, challenges, the role of non-profits
Prof. Mikhail Maschan, Moscow
15:22-15:30 – Discussion

15:30-15:42 – How to successfully promote clinical trials in oncology
Dr. Andrey Pavlenko, Saint-Petersburg 
15:42-15:50 – Discussion

What Is Needed to Successfully Initiate a Nation-Wide Clinical Trial:

15:50-16:00 – Professional Association’s Perspective (RUSSCO)
Prof. Dmitry Nosov, Moscow

16:00-16:10 – Investigator’s Perspective (RUSSCOjr)
Dr. Fyodor Moiseenko, Saint-Petersburg 

16:10-16:20 – Patients Advocacy Group’s Perspective (“Zdravstvuy!”)
Irina Borovova, Moscow

16:20-16:30 – Non-Profit’s Perspective (RakFond)
Dr. Kristina Zakurdaeva, Moscow

16:30-16:50 – Final discussion