Grantee of the first joint RUSSCO-RakFond competition among young oncologists Alexey Rumyantsev shares his results and impressions of the 2018 research year as well as his future plans.

Please tell us about your research and what goals you have met in 2018.
– This year we managed to complete patient enrollment in the study and to fulfill the statistical hypothesis. Positive results have been obtained: low-dose olanzapine truly leads to better nausea control than aprepitant.

What was outstanding in 2018 research year?
– There were many interesting studies. I was impressed by the studies in oncogynecology: negative results of the study of laparoscopy and robotic surgery in cervical cancer; SOLO1 – olaparib maintenance therapy in ovarian cancer; latest research in thrombosis prevention and treatment.

What are your plans and expectations in 2019?
– To publish the obtained results and to consider what to do next 🙂 I have plans on how to logically continue this research.