RUSSCO/RakFond Young Scientist & Early Career Investigator Oncology Research Grant

The Russian Society of Clinical Oncology (RUSSCO) and the Foundation for Cancer Research Support (RakFond) announce the first joint research grant competition for young oncologists.

We will support the most promising ideas of early career investigators, which will potentially lead to the development of new effective ways of prevention, diagnostics and treatment of cancer. Submission of projects in all areas, including basic, applied, translational and clinical research in oncology and related fields is encouraged. Projects in the field of hematology will not be considered.

Award amount: up to 250 000 (two hundred fifty thousand) RUR for research expenses (excluding salary). Award term: up to 1 year; no-cost extension of up to 3 months can be provided in exceptional cases.

Five quick and efficient steps to apply:

1. Determine if you meet the requirements for applicants:

  • Age – younger than 40 years old on January 25, 2018.
  • You are an oncologist (actively conducting research in oncology or related areas).
  • You work full-time or part-time (at least 50% of your working hours) in the organization / institution conducting research in oncology or related fields.
  • You have a mentor or a supervisor in the proposed research field.


2. Determine if your organization / institution meets eligibility criteria for organizations:

  • Is the activity of your organization related to oncology and / or related areas?
  • Does your organization conduct oncology related research?

3. Read the full text of the Request for Proposals:

  • Download the RFP: [PDF]
  • Pay attention to the key dates.
  • Review the requirements for the content and the form of the application (Section IV.2).
  • Send questions related to RFP terms and conditions to

4. Register your application:

  • Information on data required to fill the registration form is given in Section III.1.C of the RFP.
  • Link to the online registration form: [TAKEN OFF-LINE ON MARCH 5, 2018].
  • The application must be registered before March 5, 2018.
  • We recommend that you register as early as possible in order to determine whether you and your organization are eligible to apply and get timely notifications of possible changes in the RFP.


5. Apply by email:

  • Download required forms and templates at: [RFP 2018-01-YS-ECI Forms].
  • Please note that the application must be submitted in English.
  • Address:
  • Applications’ submission will be open on February 5, 2018.
  • Application must be submitted before 11:59 p.m. Moscow time on March 5, 2018.

Content and Form of Application Submission:

  1. Cover letter co-signed by Authorized Representative (required) – in Russian or in English
  2. Application form including brief rationale, scientific hypothesis, aim and goals, study design, sufficient resources, detailed budget and study timelines (5 pages maximum) (required) – in English
  3. Applicant’s CV with the list of up to ten selected publications and link to Google Scholar or other relevant profile (2 pages maximum) (required) – in English
  4. Letter of Support from the mentor/supervisor (required) – in English
  5. Confirmation of Employment from the Applicant’s organization (required) – in Russian or in English
  6. Other supporting documentation (optional, should not exceed 10 pages) – in Russian or in English

We are waiting for your applications and wish you good luck!

Each study brings us closer to the day when cancer is defeated!