RFP 2018-01-YS-ECI Forms

1. Grant Application Form:

Download Form: [Microsoft Word Document]

Download Form: [Microsoft Word 97-2004 Document]

Please note, that the application must be submitted in English.

Use 11 pt or larger font and single or larger line spacing. Do not change margins or alter tables formatting. Application length not to exceed 5 pages.

2. Cover Letter Template:

Please note, that the Cover Letter must:

1. Be printed on your Principal Organization’s letterhead,
2. Be dated,
3. Contain your proposal’s title (in English),
4. Contain statement of your eligibility to receive a grant,
5. Signed by you,
6. Signed by an Authorized Representative and contain an approval statement exactly as shown in the suggested Cover Letter templates.

The Cover Letter may be submitted in either English or Russian.

English template: [Microsoft Word Document]
English template: [Microsoft Word 97-2004 Document]
Russian template: [Microsoft Word Document]
Russian template: [Microsoft Word 97-2004 Document]