Igor Aglyamovich Utyashev is the leader of Melanoma, Skin tumors and Sarcomas Group at the Hadassah Institute of Oncology, Moscow and Director of the Clinical Research Department at the Medscan Group of Companies.

In 2006 he graduated with honors from the I.M. Sechenov Moscow Medical Academy with a degree in “general medicine”. As part of the international student academic exchange program, he completed a scientific internship at the Institute of Immunology of the Christian-Albrecht University Clinic (Kiel, Germany). Based on the results of the internship, he applied the ELISPOT method in evaluating the specific antitumor response to tumor vaccination for the first time in Russia. From 2006 to 2008, he studied in a clinical residency in “Oncology” at the N.N. Blokhin Russian Research Center of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, and then in an academic postgraduate course, where he defended his PhD thesis. Since graduation, Dr. Utyashev’s entire professional career has been devoted to clinical oncology. After graduation, he worked as a researcher in the Department of Tumor Biotherapy at the N.N. Blokhin Russian Research Center of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, where he was actively engaged in scientific research in the field of tumor immunotherapy, melanoma and skin tumors, lectured and conducted practical classes for students and interns in oncology. His mentoring has helped dozens of young doctors to devote their professional activities to oncology.

Igor Aglyamovich was at the origins of the creation of Russia’s first professional medical association of specialists in melanoma and skin tumors Melanoma Pro and to this day takes an active part in its activities as a member of the coordinating council. Dr. Utyashev conducts educational and awareness-raising activities among medical professionals and the public, regularly makes presentations at Russian and international oncology conferences and congresses.
Igor Aglyamovich is a co-author of the clinical recommendations of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation on uveal melanoma, an expert of the Russian Society of Clinical Oncology (RUSSCO) on melanoma and the leader of the group for the preparation of practical recommendations of RUSSCO on the drug treatment of non-melanoma skin tumors. He is an active member of the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) and the European Society of Clinical Oncology (ESMO), and frequently presented the results of his research at congresses held by these communities.

Igor Aglyamovich Utyashev is the editor of the Russian translation of several popular professional English-language medical publications on clinical oncology and oncodermatology. Igor Aglyamovich has 59 scientific publications and 7 patents for inventions.