Dr. Thilo Dörk is a German biochemist (M.Sc.) who received his PhD at Leibniz University, Hannover, and a subsequent specialization in human genetics at Hannover Medical School. He is head of the Gynaecology Research Unit that was formed at Hannover Medical School in 2004. The research groups established at this unit focus on molecular gynecology and perinatology, biochemistry and tumor biology. Thilo Dörk´s special interest has been on molecular epidemiology and genetics. His group has been responsible for the molecular research on radiation sensitivity syndromes and for the genetic diagnosis of breast cancer patients for many years. This work has helped to define the mutational spectra of many cancer susceptibility genes in German families and has led to the identification of patients with rare chromosomal instability disorders such as RAD50 deficiency. At present, the group is investigating molecular aspects of DNA repair in gynecological cancers and the genetic basis of radiation sensitivity in large cancer case-control association studies. They have also elaborated methods to analyze breast cancer susceptibility gene variants and assess their functional impact in vitro. They have been coordinating the German ATM Consortium and the German Consortium on Cervical Cancer, they are members of the Ovarian Cancer Association Consortium, and they are founding members of the Breast Cancer Association Consortium. Dr. Dörk published over 270 original papers and acts as a special advisor/grant reviewer for the German Research Society, the German Ministry for Education and Research, the German Cancer Aid and several other national and international research foundations.