The non-profit organization Foundation for Cancer Research Support (RakFond) and SciStoreLab, LLC announce the start of a long-term partnership in support of oncology research in Russia. Cooperation will be directed primarily towards holding joint competitions in order to provide financial and other support to scientists who have proposed the most promising scientific ideas for experimental work and research projects in the field of studying the biology and immunology of malignant tumors and the further development of new preventive and diagnostic tools and cancer treatment. The announcement of the first joint competition is scheduled for December 2018.

Kristina Zakurdaeva, MD, PhD, RakFond Founder and Chair of the Board of Directors:

“The support of science by commercial companies is an important part of their social responsibility, which allows them to develop and improve the research activities of scientists and physicians involved in the fight against cancer. By helping to study cancer today, we invest in the future of cancer patients and this entire field of medicine. We are pleased that we are starting our cooperation with companies participating in the industry and hope that the number of those who have joined our mission to promote cancer research in our country will increase”.

Natalya Vasyunina, CEO of SCIStoreLab, LLC:

“The goals and aspirations of the SCI-store’s team are to contribute to an increase in the number of Discoveries and Findings per unit time. Hypotheses are born at the speed of light but are tested over the years. We believe that testing scientific hypotheses should only be limited to the time required for conducting experiments and analyzing the results; therefore, we create and maintain infrastructure solutions that ensure the comfortable work of investigators. For us, non-commercial cooperation with RakFond is a new form of supporting scientific excitement and interest of researchers. This is another step toward understanding the molecular mechanisms of cancer, their etiology, pathogenesis, and the development of new diagnostic and treatment methods”.

Contacts for additional information:
RakFond: media@rakfond.org.
SciStoreLab: info@sci-store.ru.

The Foundation for Cancer Research Support (RakFond) is a non-profit organization whose main tasks include: financing research and development activities, development of new methods and tools for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer, promoting the development and improvement of research and scientific activities of research institutions, scientific centers, oncological hospitals, and individual specialists in the field of oncology. The Foundation was founded in 2017 and operates on the territory of the Russian Federation.

More information on RakFond’s site: www.rakfond.org

SciStoreLab, LLC is a Russian manufacturer of recombinant proteins, cytokines and growth factors for cell technologies, tissue engineering and regenerative medicine.
SCI-store.ru is the first online store of recombinant proteins that are produced in Russia.
SCI-store products are an ideal tool for fundamental and applied scientific problems in various areas of academic and commercial research in the areas of cell biology, molecular biology, bioengineering, biochemistry, immunology, microbiology, oncology, traumatology, orthopedics, and maxillofacial surgery , dentistry, neurology, combustiology and a number of other areas where the reparation and tissue regeneration, intercellular cell-matrix interactions, and the interaction of normal and altered cells with microenvironment are important.

SayStorLab, LLC is a Skolkovo resident and a participant in the Foundation for Assistance to Innovation programs.

More information on SciStoreLab’s site: www.sci-store.ru.