RakFond will participate in the competition for the “Headliner of the Year” National Prize in the “Science and Education” category. This is an annual national prize established in 2017.

The aim of the Prize is to create a map of the most prominent projects in Russia and to support their leaders – people whose projects carry a creative idea and stimulate progress in their fields.

Headliners in each nomination will be selected by the Expert Board as well as open voting; the leaders of both open and expert votings will receive grants of 200k rubles. Total funds for financial support of the winners’ projects is 5M rubles; the main prize of 2M rubles will go to the absolute winner selected by the jury and the second main prize of 1M rubles will go to the absolute leader of the open voting.

Voting will be open between October 16 and December 15, 2019. RakFond’s profile is here: https://award.head-liner.ru/nominations/science/859/. Please support us!